Mine Romance

Mine Romance
Telluride, CO

Although Telluride today is a mecca for skiers, it was mining that put this town on the map in the late 1800s, and it is in one of these mine-shop areas that James Hardy Architects was commissioned to design this highly acclaimed and published vacation home.  This design conveys a mine-shop aesthetic enhanced and updated with a clean, modern sensibility and an eye toward sustainable building.  The materials – locally quarried Telluride gold stone, reclaimed oak, and corrugated and plate steel – as well as the parallel-gabled form and the interior finishes, reflect the site’s turn of the 19th century history.  The outcome is something much more luxurious than anything the miners who plied their trade in these mountains could ever have dreamed of, yet it hints at something familiar.  The combination of historic reference and modern sensibility make the home timeless.

Photographers: James Ray Spahn and Jennifer Koshiken

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September/October 2010
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